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What’s is ozone?

What’s is ozone?

Ozone (chemical molecular O3), also known as triatomic oxygen, is known for its fishy smell.

Ozone applications

Currently, ozone has been widely used in water treatment, air purification, food processing, medical treatment, medicine, aquaculture, and other fields, let's take a look ozone disinfection principles and characteristics.

Industrial desulfurization and denitrification

The air sulfur dioxide pollution is more and more serious, and the energy consumption structure dominated by coal is the most important reason for the increasing sulfur dioxide pollution in china.

Desulfurization is to remove SO2 in flue gas , denitration is mainly remove NOx in flue gas (nitrogen), the two substances effluent to the air can transform into acid rain. acid rain is very harmful to the human, The government has been advocating to the environmental protection.Coal - fueled flue gas contains these substances, especially in thermal power plants,now the desulphurization tower has became a necessary requirement for new building power plant.

Sulfur dioxide emissions rate is almost 50% of total emissions capacity, this means the controlling of sulfur dioxide produced in coal combustion is the key to control sulfur dioxide pollution , whichi is the main breakthrough of controlling coal sulfur dioxide pollution .

Drinking water treatment

Ozone water are good at killing bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms with a high speed and high success rate,without secondary pollution.

Because the water polluted by organic chemical industry products, produce chloroform bromodichloromethane,carbon tetrachloride, and other chlorinated organics (THM), after chlorine disinfection, these substances are carcinogenic, and ozone treatment will not cause any secondardy pollution ,this is also the reason which china and other developed country like america,japan using ozone to treat drinking water.

Waste water treatment

Waste water treatment including municipal waterwater,industrial wastewater and Medical wastewater treatment,it aims to meed the effluent standard by sterilizing,disinfecting,decoloring,deodorizing .In recent years, due to the lack of water resources, the government have formulated laws and regulations on the reuse of industrial and domestic sewage, to raise the treatment standards.

Ozone in industrial wastewater is used to oxidize the electroplating wastewater containing cyanogen, decolorize the textile printing and dyeing wastewater, dephenol and alkanes in the refining wastewater, etc.The United States, Japan, Germany, France and other countries have established large-scale sewage treatment plants wiht ozone treatment in recent years.

Wastewater containing phenol, cyanogen, organic ammonia, nitrile, nitrodyestuff, organophosphorus, organochlorine compound, etc.Ozone wastewater treatment can reduce the content of phenol and formaldehyde more than 98%.When treating aqueous solutions containing cyanide with ozone water, the concentration of cyanide can be reduced from 15mg/L to 0.25mg/L..

Air space disinfection

Those who need regular disinfection include isolation ward, radiology department machine room, ward duty room, dressing room, dining room, patient elevator room, outpatient waiting room and ward corridor.The sickroom need to be ventilated if there’s people inside, maintain indoor air and outdoor air exchange, If can not makesure the nature air exchange,the exhause fan need to be installed,.The sickroom can be disinfected by ozone 2or 3 times each day,no less than 1 hours each time,with nobody inside.

Advanced oxidation

Ozone, as a strong oxidizer, catalyst and fine preparation, is used in chemical, petroleum, papermaking, textile, pharmaceutical and spice industries


With the speeding up of industrialization process, the most serious Marine pollution, multiple occurrence of red tide, virus in recent years, the massive death of fish, shrimp, shellfish, Marine fishing production fell rapidly, at the same time, aquaculture to bring huge technical difficulties and risks.In Denmark, the United States, Japan and other countries with advanced aquaculture science and technology, the development and use of circulating water treatment technology, obtained obvious results and enormous economic benefits.Suitable for aquaculture seedlings, pond cultivation, factory farming, seed storage and transportation, wintering and live seafood and has been put into use in places such as Qingdao, jinzhou, make our country aquaculture, seedling raising up developed with a new step, and achieved remarkable economic and social benefits.

Ozone principles

Ozone generator is the process of converting oxygen into ozone by high voltage discharge principle.High voltage alternating current is applied to high voltage electrodes with a medium distance insulator and a certain gap, allowing the air or oxygen to pass through the drying process.When the high voltage ac reaches 10-15kv, blue glow discharge [corona] is generated. The free high-energy ions in the corona dissociate the O2 molecules, which are fused by collision into O3 molecules.The output and concentration of ozone change with the added power voltage and current.

Ozone generator is a device for producing ozone gas (O3).Ozone is easy to decompose and cannot be stored. It needs to be produced on site for use (in special cases, it can be stored for a short time). Therefore, ozone generator should be used in all places where ozone can be used.Ozone generator is widely used in drinking water, sewage, industrial oxidation, food processing and fresh preservation, pharmaceutical synthesis, space sterilization and other fields.The ozone gas produced by the ozone generator can be used directly, and can also participate in the reaction by mixing devices and liquids.

Ozone principles

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