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ozone disinfection Introduction

Ozone disinfection

Ozone technology is modern and archaic technology . It was invented by German chemists in 1840 and used in water treatment and disinfection industry in 1856.At present, ozone has been widely used in water treatment, air purification, food processing, medical treatment, medicine, aquaculture and other fields, which has greatly promoted the development of these industries.Ozone can be produced by ozone generator , its principle of generating ozone can through high pressure discharge, corona discharge, the methods of electrochemical, photochemical, atomic radiation, the principle is the use of high voltage electrical, or chemical reaction, make the air in the part after polymerization for ozone, oxygen gas decomposition is one of the oxygen allotropic transformation process.The molecular formula for ozone is O3.

Sterilization principle

Ozone is a strong oxidizer, sterilization process is a biochemical oxidation reaction.O3 sterilization takes the following three forms:

1. Ozone can oxidize and decompose the enzymes needed for glucose in bacteria, making bacteria inactivate and die.
2. Directly interact with bacteria and viruses, destroy their organelles, DNA and RNA, and destroy their metabolism, leading to bacterial death.
3. The lipoprotein acting on the outer membrane and the lipopolysaccharide acting on the inner membrane are infiltrated into the cell through the cell membrane tissue, causing the bacteria to undergo permeability distortion and die of dissolution.


ozone space treatment application

China ozone technology are developing , and ozone is also gradually known by people. Due to its strong disinfection ability, it has replaced conventional disinfection and has been applied in various fields:

1. Air purification and disinfection for rooms
Ozone has the function of killing bacteria and viruses from the air, it can reduce dust, make the air fresh and natural, eliminate fatigue and refresh the brain.

2. Fruit and vegetable preservation and disinfection

The transportation and storage of fruits and vegetables has always been an urgent problem to be solved.It is reported that 30-40% of vegetables in China become garbage each year due to improper storage and transportation and partial overstocking.The combined action of ozone and negative ions has excellent fruit and vegetable freshness preservation function.

Therefore, the use of ozone technology can greatly extend the freshness preservation, storage time of fruits and vegetables, and expand their export scope.In addition, ozone technology can also be used in the treatment of clean vegetables sterilization.

3. Environmental resources protection

The main reason of water crisis are waste, pollution, uneven distribution of water and irrigation, which are about 550 million cubic metres per year are polluted.As an efficient sterilization and disinfectant gas, ozone naturally attracts many scientists to study its application in water resources pollution treatment and conservation

In addition to the above areas, ozone technology is also used in breeding, fishery, agriculture, food processing and other fields.

4. Medical and health fields

Hospital is a place to treat disease, but most of us go to hospital because of critically ill patients, the inflammation is in peak period, harmful bacteria from patients easily in the air.As a result, hospitals are vulnerable to disease.It’s quite common for Cross-infection in hospitals.Disinfection of the hands and surgical instruments of doctors and nurses before hospital operation and nursing is one of the urgent problems.High efficiency and rapid sterilization of ozone in hospital environment sterilization, preoperative disinfection and other aspects of great use.Japanese scientists, for example, have studied ozone-water disinfection in hospitals.According to the research results, to the hospital with ozone water before the operation, doctors, nurses, hands disinfection can kill all bacteria, not only a very short time, and the other iodine disinfection effect and disinfectant.The traditional sterilization procedure takes at least 10 minutes.In the hospital, the yellow staphylococcus and pseudomonas aeruginosa, which are the most susceptible to infection, can be killed in only 5 seconds in ozone water, and their bactericidal power far exceeds that of alcohol and chlorine.And ozone water has reliable safety, often used will not harm the skin, even if drunk by mistake will not be poisoned.

Ozone can also be used for health treatment.Like Russia developed a special hydraulic fluid to heal wounds, its basic method is under high pressure with fog ozone is rich in physiological solution to wash the wound, water is like a scalpel purulent blood from the wound, necrotic tissue and bacterial decomposition, and kill the pathogenic microorganisms on the surface of the wound.Then transform the structure of "ozone knife", continue to increase the pressure of the liquid, the ozonation of solution a few millimeters to 3 cm deep into inflamed tissue, and increase oxygen, kill the pathogenic bacteria deeper.In this way is reported to have treated 200 cases of patients, they are some diabetes, sepsis, vascular sclerosis and unfavorable usually surgical patients, the wounds of the results in these patients were all healed completely.

5. Food industry Disinfection

In the production process of beverage, juice, etc., ozone water can be used for the soaking and washing of pipeline, production equipment and container, so as to achieve the purpose of sterilization.The first is that the pipeline, equipment and bacteria and viruses on the surface of the container are washed away in large quantity.secondly, it is residue on the surface, which has not been washed away by the bacteria and virus killed by ozone, is very simple and convenient, and won't produce a corner in the production, also avoided completely, use in the production of chemical poisoning caused by chemical disinfectants emissions and residues, etc.In addition, the use of ozone water disinfection sterilization technologies such as production equipment combined with membrane separation technology, aseptic filling system, etc., in the brewing industry for the production of soy sauce, vinegar and wine, can improve the quality and grade of the product. In the application of vegetable processing, such as small packaging vegetables, such as traditional pickle, radish, cucumber, etc in the food processing, many enterprises to extend the shelf life of products, often use packaging after high temperature sterilization process, not only for the product color, texture, etc brought adverse effect, but also consumes a lot of energy.The new technology of ozone water cooling sterilization can avoid the adverse effect of traditional processing technology on product quality and improve product quality and reduce production cost.

The application in the processing of aquatic products, in the pre-freezing treatment of frozen aquatic products, through the ozone water spray sterilization can play a good role in controlling the hygienic indicators of aquatic products.

The application in cold storage mainly has three aspects: 1.kill the microbes for sterilization 2.oxidize and deodorize various odorous inorganic substances or organic materials;3. oxidize the metabolic products, thereby inhibiting the metabolic process.

6. ozone in poultry breeding

In poultry breeding industry, especially in chicken production, has reached the transition period, which from popularization to improvement efficiency and quality.Conventional techniques in the transition period have exposed obvious weaknesses.In order to improve the production efficiency and quality, we must find a new breakthrough technology for the prevention of plague and disease by raising chickens.During routine feeding, chickens are given antibiotics and vaccinations.These measures seem justifiable, but they ignore the constant sterilization, disinfection and purification of the air in the field.And diseases such as dwarfism that contaminate people with bacteria and viruses.Too much use of chemicals can damage the calcium absorption of laying hens.The calcium absorption function of egg-laying chicken is temporarily impaired, even if the increase of calcium-containing feed has little effect, soft-shelled eggs will inevitably be produced.It is difficult to avoid the loss caused by plague and disease without giving antibiotics to chickens in the production process of raising chickens. It is in a dilemma that antibiotics and other drugs will affect product quality.Ozone filling to breeding the huts, first with the poultry excrement emits yixiu decomposition reaction of remove odour, when the odour removal to a certain degree of slightly smell of ozone, the relative space of escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus and new plague, chicken cholera, avian flu, and other basic then kill the virus.In addition, the poultry excrement emits the amine gas can not be ignored for the mischief, and poultry farmers in rural areas in winter breeding shed with coal stove heating directly toxic gases such as sulfur oxide produced by the damage to poultry impossible to remove by chemical drugs.However, after the application of ozone technology, the purification effect is effectively achieved, and the entry into the farming shed using ozone technology makes people feel the air is clearly fresh.

At the same time, ozone disinfection is used to purify the air in the breeding ground.It's also important.Drinking ozone water can change the microecological environment of poultry intestinal tract.Ozone in poultry intestines reduces the number of bacteria that feed on host nutrients and reduces the consumption of host nutrients.It also enhanced the activity of the powerful secreted enzyme.It has improved the utilization rate of nutrition ingredients of food, especially for young birds, increased the nutrition supply of young birds, and promoted the healthy growth of birds.Allowing birds to drink ozone water changes their resistance to antibiotics, effectively preventing intestinal diseases such as chicken dysentery.It needs to be pointed out that the half-life of ozone in water is about 20 kinds.But ozone breaks down chemicals.The supply of medicine and ozone water should be more advanced apart.

Through a large number of field application comparison, ozone effectively curbed the occurrence of poultry plague disease, ensured the survival rate of poultry and promoted the healthy growth.Farmers are very satisfied with the economic and social effects of significant.Raising broiler a cycle is 50 days commonly, after the application of ozone technology can be advanced a week, almost died of disease, the chicken young grow particularly energetic;Laying hens can maintain a stable egg production rate, and it is found that there is a significant improvement from the comparison.

7. ozone in the cultivation of edible fungi

The most difficult part of edible fungus cultivation is the inoculation process, because once infected with miscellaneous bacteria, it will cause great loss.In recent years, some edible fungus machinery production enterprises, the use of ozone to sterilize the vaccination link, achieved very good results.(1) can make the space level best for sterile purification, ozone sterilization ability is chemical dozens of times, without resistance, can fundamentally relieve mushroom vaccination to fear of infection.(2) produce green and organic edible fungi.Ozone is the world recognized efficient sterilization without causing agricultural residues of disinfection substances.Ozone (O3) is not a chemical additive, but an oxygen-element gas formed by the activation of oxygen (O2) in the air.Edible fungus air purification inoculating machine, create sterile inoculating space, no drugs, no agricultural residues!(3) chemical agents not only cause agricultural residues, but also damage the health of the staff, weaken the vigor of the bacteria species, and also kill the people and bacteria.Edible fungus air purification method is used in vaccination machine, to produce edible health work, make edible fungi grow in a healthy environment, make people healthier eating edible fungi, to achieve "one bacterium total health".(4) using ozone disinfection, purification can let you in sterile purification space freely vaccination, and the box inoculated, omitted into the box, packing, fumigation, out of the box, and the working procedure, accounted for over 50% of the time and labor.(5) save costs and increase benefits.

Precautions for ozone air disinfection

1. Ozone stimulates the mucosa of human respiratory tract. When the concentration of ozone in the air reaches 0.15 PPM, it can be smelled out.According to international standards, when reaching 0.5-1ppm, it can cause discomfort such as dry mouth.Up to 1-4 PPM can cause coughing;Up to 4-10ppm can cause a strong cough.So disinfection with ozone disinfection air, must be in the human condition, disinfection after at least 30 minutes can enter.

2. ozone as a strong oxidizer, have damage to a variety of items, the higher the concentration of the heavier items damaged, can make the copper appear green, rusty spot, rubber aging, discoloration, elastic, so that the brittle, fault, make bleached fabric fading, etc.

Ozone Disinfection

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