Ozone generator produce high concentration ozone gas,with strong sterilization, disinfection and adsorption.which is widely used in industry, agriculture, aquaculture, aquaculture, water treatment,air treatment, chemical field...

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Dedicated on ozone generator 24 years,build LBOZONE leading brand

LBOZONE was found in 2000,focusing on ozone filed 24 years,with world-wide customers support,became a top ozone generator brand .We are strict to the ozone generator design,quality and after sale service,from the managemanet to the production .To make sure our customers to experience our high quality device with excellent service.


24 year experience


Export 50+ countries


200+ Domestic clients


1500+ staff


LBOZONE was founded in 2000.Its registered caiptal is USD 2million.Shandong LBOZONE photoelectricity Equipment Co.,LTD is a manufacturer,who mainly engaged in ozone generator design ,produce and service,devotes in the applied research of ozone technlogy.With 24years development,we has passed the authentication of quality system ISO,has the independent import and export right of management,owned professional workshop of manufacturing ozone chamber and discharge body,digital DSP intelligence track motherboard,the production workshop of large and medium-sized transformer,ozone qualititative laboratory,etc.

LBOZONE has established ozone unit laboratory,ozone applued research center and Dr. & Mr. scientific research station ,At the same time, with shandong university and other colleges and universities, we have developed technology of the ozone environmental application ,Gas-water mixing technology, ozone biological activated carbon technology,Wastewater depth treatment technology, With running 5kg/h, 10kg/h, 40kg/h, 60kg/h ozone generators installed at the site, and we can produce ozone generator with ozone capicity of 100kg/h. The ozone generator is mainly used in the drinking water sterilization and industrial waste water treatment,, chemical wastewater decolorization, COD reduction, water reuse, chemical oxidation, nonferrous acid, spices, diet sterilization, ship water treatment, swimming pool water treatment, aquaculture, university laboratory and other fields.we have exported to Russian,mid-east,africa,south america,southeast asia,australia,etc

24 years ozone experience

With 24 years development ,LBOZONE has become a leader in ozone generator manufacturer field

advanced technical team

LBZONE,introduced advanced technology,got 5 patents,with 20 more people research and development team,to make sure lbozone brand ozone generator with new technology.

Excellent service

LBOZONE,we control the quality from design to production seriouly,we have professional after sale service team offering home warming experience .

Leading process

We have ceramic and glass dielectric corona discharge media,with ozne system customer all over the world.




LBOZONE Successfully made ozone generator system mounted in…

LBOZONE firstly made and debugged one-stop container type ozone generator system and succeded in July, 2017 and has sta…

LBOZONE Successfully made ozone generator system mounted in 20
LBOZONE Participate in national ozone generator standards revising
LBOZONE Participate in national ozone generator stand…

On March 16,2017, LBOZONE Participate in the revision of the first draft of national standards for the technical requir…

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20 sets 500g/h ozone system is smoothly running in waste gas treatment.
20 sets 500g/h ozone system is smoothly running in wa…

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