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Tap water refers to the water produced through the purification and disinfection from water treatment plant in accordance with the corresponding standards for people's life, production and use.Domestic water is mainly from the water plant ,which pumping water from rivers and lakes and groundwater, surface water, based on the national related sanitary standard for drinking water, after precipitation, disinfection, and filtration process treatment, then distribute to each user by pump station.

For now, chlorination is widely used in water disinfection treatment, but after studying the theoretical data, it is found that chlorine gas has some disadvantages .Chlorinated disinfected tap water can produce carcinogenic substances, and many improvement measures have been proposed.

The safest water disinfection method is ozone treatment,which is widely used in developed countries .Ozone activated carbon technology is currently the most advanced water treatment technology, in Japan, the United States, Europe and other developed countries has been widely adopted, at present, China's Beijing, Shanghai, jiaxing, kunming and other places of some water plant has already begun to adopt the technology, and obtained obvious result.Using ozone disinfection treatment is also a new trend of water plant disinfection.

Oxidation reaction and disinfection mechanism of ozone

When ozone is dissolved in water, two reactions occur. One is direct oxidation, which is a slow and highly selective reaction.Another is the hydroxyl in the water, hydrogen peroxide, organic matter, humus and high concentration of hydroxide radical induce themselves into hydroxyl radicals, indirect oxidation of organic matter, microorganism or ammonia, etc.The second reaction is fairly rapid and has no selectivity, and can also oxidize the bicarbonate into bicarbonate and carbonic acid,which is more intense, stronger oxidation ability, ozone decomposition ratedepends largely on ph value, temperature, UV, ozone concentration, and the presence of other removable objects, the decomposition rate can be indirectly by the content of residual ozone capicity.Because bicarbonate and carbonate (especially carbonate) have strong cushioning performance, residual ozone with low PH and high cushioning performance can be maintained for a long time.Ozone can have the effect of sterilization main microbial cells to oxidation of organic matter or destroy the organism chain structure and leads to cell death, therefore, the ozone on hardy microbes such as viruses and spore has a strong lethality. ozone can oxidize all kinds of organic matter in water while killing microorganisms.Remove color, smell, taste, and phenol from water.

Ozone water sterilization system

Ozone water sterilization system contains air feed gas ,ozone generating /ozone reaction/off gas treatment

According to the characteristics of ozone water disinfection system , air feed gas is the leading parts of ozone disinfection system, its the role to provide reliable enough gas for ozone generator, ozone generating is the core of ozone disinfection system.Its function is to produce required ozone gas for the disinfection process.Its a 60% of the total cost of ozone disinfection,and it’s power consumption is 60%~80%, ozone generating based on ozone generator type, the main factor of ozone generator selecting is ozone output, equipment investment and energy consumption.Ozone reaction is a ozone disinfection treatment, which is effectively diffusing the ozone gas (produced by ozone generator) with the water to achieve the designed purpose.The ozone reaction type mainly depends on the process puipose and its corresponding reaction.The off gas treatment part is aim to eliminate the residual ozone in the tail gas timely and effectively.Because ozone is a strong oxidizer, corrosion resistance, the suggestion materials of ozone contact parts mainly is SUS316L ,SUS316 and SUS304 glass, Hyplaon (sulfonyl chloride alkylene polyethylene synthetic rubber), Telon (PTFE) and other oxidation resistant material.

Drinking water treatment

Large and medium water treatment ozone generator

Name:Large and medium water treatment ozone generator
Application:Drinking water treatment
Feed Gas Source:Oxygen/Air

Large and medium wastewater treatment ozone generator

Name:Large and medium wastewater treatment ozone generator
Application:Drinking water treatment
Feed Gas Source:Oxygen/Air

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