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Benefits of ozone disinfection in sewage treatment

Date:2018-6-21    Views:957

The application of ozone generator in sewage treatment and water treatment includes following industries:

1. Industrial cooling water treatment

2. All kinds of industrial wastewater treatment

3. Aquaculture water treatment

4. Direct pipe drinking water treatment

5. Medical waste water treatment

6. Slaughtering plant waste water treatment

7. Municipal sewage treatment

8. Drinking and bottled water treatment

What are the advantages of ozone disinfection in sewage treatment?

1. Ozone is the best deodorant fungicide, which can effectively kill bacteria and viruses.

2. Using ozone can reduce the corrosion rate of iron, copper and manganese by more than 50%.

3. The manufacture of ozone can achieve automatic control and on-site manufacturing, so there is no need to store it, thus saving costs.

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