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Air disinfection small ozone generator

    With almost 20 years ozone experience designed,Go series ozone generator with it’s advantage of men-duty freely,time setting,easy for installation became one of our hot-selling model.Especially for  space sterilization and purification .

    Application fields: Space disinfection and air odor removal

hospital,hotel, Aquaculture industry,food workshop,medical workshop,storage room,storage room, hospital, hotel, library, bank, office building, laboratory, station, mall, and other public place

1. Performance

     LED control display, friendly user interface
     Adjustable ozone output, high concentration discharge technology of micro - gap plate reduces the cost.
     Fixed and movable installation type are available
     Ozone concentration Automatic feedback control is availbale (additional instrument required)
     High conversion rate, fast interface configuration, easy and convenient installation

2.Go series air space disinfection small ozone generator Data

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