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Wastewater treatment ozone generator

 LBOZONE,with 20 years ozone manufacturer experience,who parcipicated the national ozone generator standard revising ,meet with,became a leader in ozone field.

1. Performance

    Ozone concentration ≥12 wt %, power consumption ≤ 7 KWH/kgO3(oxygen source, 25 ℃) under the condition of cooling water
    Colorful LCD touch screen PLC display interface, a variety of communication interface
    Advanced controlled rectifier and IGBT high frequency inverter technology
    Microgap high concentration discharge technology, imported high borosilicate dielectric materials, *breakdown resistance control
    PID parameter self-adjusting tracking, online pressure, temperature meter safety monitoring
    Mechanical and electrical configuration interface, convenient to install

2.Oxygen feed gas Large and medium ozone generator techinical data

3.Air feed gas Large and medium ozone generator techinical data

4.Three - dimensional view of ozone generator equipment

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