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Water treatment ozone generator

LBOZONE,with 20 years ozone manufacturer experience,who parcipicated the national ozone generator standard revising ,meet with,became a leader in ozone field.

1. performance

    Ozone concentration ≥12 wt %, power consumption ≤ 7 KWH/kgO3(oxygen source, 25 ℃) under the condition of cooling water.
    Colorful LCD touch screen PLC display interface, a variety of communication interface.
    Advanced controlled rectifier and IGBT high frequency inverter technology.
    Microgap high concentration discharge technology, imported high borosilicate dielectric materials.
    breakdown resistance control.
    PID parameter self-adjusting tracking, online pressure, temperature meter safety monitoring.
    Mechanical and electrical configuration interface, convenient to install.

2. Large ozone generator technical data:

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