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Heated ozone destructor

1. Heated ozone destructor working principle

With the ozone unstable feature,it can be heated in to oxygen. The ozone gas can be transfered in to oxygen rapidly by using heated ozone destructor,Here is the decomposition curve as below:

When the temperatur reach 30 ℃ ozone will start to decompose, more rapidly in 50 ~ 80 ℃.Under 200 ℃ w ozone will be decomposed 80% within 1 mins under 200℃, 92% ~ 95% at 250 ℃, 100% at 300℃ reaction time.

Ozone gas and moist air into the reaction chamber after demister dehumidification, through temperature controller to adjust temperature, ozone gas preheating first, and then into the electric heating chamber to be decomposed, subsequently, tail gas will be exhausted by centrifugal fan from the reaction chamber.

2. Heated ozone destructor features

① Ozone is rapidly decomposed into oxygen depending on temperature, and decomposition rate is in seconds

② Energy saving , and recycle heat with heat exchanger,more than 50-70% of the heat energy can be reused.

③ Increase the reactor space, to make sure it has enough time for ozone decomposition .

④ The outlet fan is used to deliver gas through negative pressure and the air will be drawn in from the outside of the breathing valve to prevent the gas from leaking

⑤ The destructor is heated only when there is gas flow.A check valve is installed at the inlet of the ozone destructor to prevent the surounding gas returning to the destructor.There are several devices in parallel.(for Multiple devices in parallel)

⑥ HeatedOzone destructor maximum concentration is about 1.5%wt

⑦ If the temperature over 500 ℃ it will damage the heated ozone destructor

3. Heated ozone destructor performance parameters (with heat recovery)



① Media

Ozone gas

② inlet ozone concentration


③ outlet ozone concentratio


④ rated treatment flow


⑤ operating pressure


⑥ inlet/outlet gas temperature


⑦ voltage/frequency

3×380VAC±10% and 220 VAC±10%/50Hz

⑧ control type

Main PLC control or sole PLC control

⑨ inlet/outlet gas temperature

Data communications control or IO switching volume

⑩ Operating temperature


⑪ power rate

250KW(based on each model)

⑫ dimension

mm(based on each model)

4. Heated ozone destructor structure chart

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