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Ozone leakage detector is suitable for all kinds of industrial environment and the special environment of ozone leak detecting and alarming,it’s a safe warning for the dangerous site work. It instrument adopts imported electrochemical sensor and microcontroller technology, with the advantages of stable signals, high precision and good repeatability. explosion-proof connection mode can be used in all kinds of dangerous sites.The instrument is compatible with all kinds of control alarm, PLC, DCS and other control systems, and can realize on-site alarm, remote monitoring and alarm functions at the same time.

2.Technical parameters

    Range: 0-10 PPM;
    Display resolution: 0.01g/m3;
    Zero drift: < 0.5%
    Response time: RR<1.5s
    Output mode: 4-20ma;
    Weight: 800g;
    Power supply: dc 24V;
    Inspection period: 24 months


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